Monday, October 20, 2014

Book Coming Real Soon !!

Imagine a life where one man controls your destiny while your heart is consumed by another.

Welcome to Tara's world. 

After hard work and much dedication, young paralegal, Tara, just landed a new position at one of the top three firms in the state. Excited about the opportunity, she has no clue what she is really in for, especially where her new boss is concerned. Yet, as happy as she is in the professional world, she can not say the same for her personal life. With a huge void where her happiness lies, she continues to live a life of misery. But, how long can she remain untrue to her own feelings?

Nicholas is a man that gets what he wants. A young managing partner at Rossi & Rossi, P.A, his money and good looks have given him the privilege that many wish to have. With a past of his own, he has lived in solitude and resorted to women just to satisfy his carnal needs. Until he meets her. The one person who is close yet so far. To what lengths will he go to claim the one person he wants but cannot have?

With their world spiraling out of control, Tara tries to keep everything balanced. But how long can things remain hidden beneath the layers of love?

Fasten your seatbelts ladies. This book will be taking off soon !!

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